How to tag your posts in email

You can categorize the posts on your site by adding tags either through email or on the post's page itself. Add tags in the subject of your email using the syntax ((tag: apple, gadgets)). The tag syntax will not show up in the title of your post, but your post will be tagged with the tags you include.

So, for example, if the subject line of your email to reads "Dynamic Route Planning ((tag: Globalization, 4PL))" then your post will show up on the Logistics-Transportation site on Posterous with whatever you write in the body of the email, it will have the header "Dynamic Route Planning," and the post will show on the home page but also whenever you select the link for "Globalization" or "4PL" at the top of the Posterous Page for Logistics-Transportation or under the "Tag" header toward the bottom of the list of links on the side of the page.


Gary Riccio

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