Sustainability and Materiality in the Cloud

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Posted September 6, 2011 by Elaine Cohen

I recently reviewed Workday Inc.'s 2010 Sustainability Report for Workday Inc. is a medium sized privately-owned company (with 676 people) and this is their first report. It's always nice to see companies boarding the reporting train and especially private companies. So well done to Workday! The company is an SaaS specialist... Software-as-a-Service, which roughly transpates to computing in the cloud...

...aims to position Workday's sustainability approach and ‘social mission’ as one which helps customers run their businesses more sustainably."

"The Workday report contains a Materiality Analysis, which appears to have been internally developed (though the real value of a Materiality Analysis is gained when its development involves external stakeholders)... the thinking about materiality is good practice and this has helped to inform the content of Workday's report. All terms used in the Materiality Matrix are explained, which is another nice aspect. All too often, companies present a headline Materiality Matrix without really explaining what they mean, which leads to lack of clarity about expectations and deliverables."