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"Gary is a true visionary and Renaissance man. Drawing on an entirely unique background as scientist and entrepreneur and beyond, he integrates bold thinking with practical action. He has a keen understanding of the complex relations among science, philosophy, ethics, public policy, and business. He is one of the most curious, engaging, generous, and kind people I've ever known."

David Brendel, MD, PhD
Founder, Leading Minds
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"Gary is a leader’s most effective weapon. I am an executive and once lead US Marines, and Gary is the guy I call when I can’t detect the signal from the noise. The more complex the challenge, regardless of the domain—business, technology, defense, health care, applied research and development—the more value Gary brings to the venture. Gary possesses vast knowledge, limitless energy, and a track record of impacting organizations as big as the US Army and as small as new startups. Gary values human beings, and recognizes that they collectively scale great heights as part of organizations."

Matt Puglisi
Executive VP, Aptima
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"Gary was able to ground our work in the larger context and theories of the cognitive sciences. Second, Gary was able to synthesize input from both the operational community and the scientific community. Hence, Gary’s contributions made it possible to go beyond theory or practice alone, and instead this work enabled us to innovate new ways of doing and understanding... Gary’s energy and creativity greatly helped our team innovate, and it is my pleasure to recommend Gary for any enterprise that requires a unique, and gifted, combination of deep theory and everyday relevance."

Fred Diedrich, PhD
President, Aptima
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"Gary successfully managed core efforts to promote strategic alliances at the local, state and national levels between academe, industry and government to transfer seminal technologies from the Federal Laboratory system. Gary established a milestone Memorandum of Agreement with the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer to define and translate assistive technology requirements, identify and select federal technologies for transfer, and, to develop, prototype and produce assistive technologies that are economically viable."

Gregg Irvin, PhD
President, Spectrus
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"I have known and worked with Gary in a variety of efforts over the past 7 years, ranging from human performance & development, to global supply chain logistics, and most recently in health delivery in developing countries. Gary’s ability to see actionable opportunities, provide their salient and scientific mapping, and develop tangible strategies for achievement is remarkable. He brings a rare insight into complex systems, always with a path to fruition and balanced measures for success."

Morgan Darwin
CEO, A&K Global Health
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"One of the most intelligent, inspiring, and exemplary leaders in my vast global network of business relations. Gary is involved within our development projects in Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and other African states who have a dire need for increased security capacity building and sustained economic stability. ... A true and compassionate leader, with impeccable integrity and an example for all to follow."

Robert Kaneiss
COO, Magni International
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"Simply stated, Dr. Gary Riccio is one of the most gifted, insightful, fearless, and compassionate luminaries I have ever met. Dr. Riccio's depth of experience, knowledge, resources and thought partnership proved to be an irreplaceable asset during some of our most difficult stages of growth."

Justin Bastian
Founder, Socent Studios
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"Interfacing humans with technology brings into play cognitive issues that have to be dealt with in the design. Using humans as the platform to carry and hold the solution leads to physiological aspects that also have to be dealt with in the design. Gary has been able to orchestrate those deep connections between the technology producers and the technology consumers/users so that these cognitive and physiological aspects are dealt with in a holistic manner. Gary is a highly competent scientist who has that rare ability to bridge the divide between technologists and non-technologists, bringing them together to appreciate the perspective of others as a solution is developed."

Gareth Digby, PhD, PE
Systems Architect, Vitech
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"I had the pleasure of having Gary Riccio on my dissertation committee as an invaluable source of knowledge about control system theory, ecological psychology and human movement sciences during my PhD at UMASS. I was involved in collaborative research that Gary initiated at Exponent for NASA , regarding EVA mass handling... Gary has a keen eye for innovation in human-systems technology development and I have come to know him as a highly professional and skilled scientist and researcher, with unsurpassed capabilities and skills in meta-analytic theorizing in the field of motor control and learning without losing sight of everyday reality. Gary has taught me to think out of the box and to implement theoretical models for real life problems."

Erwin van Wegen, PhD
VU University Medical Center
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"Whether the focus of the day was humans in space, a warfighter on the battlefield, or translating research into clinical practice, Gary has always brought a boundless ability to recognize and build connections. There are few better than Gary at bringing together the engineer, the clinician, the scientist and the investor. It’s this ability to negotiate, build and exploit these partnerships that allows Gary to deliver truly unique and insightful perspectives that move our understanding of complex systems forward in ways that few others can."

Vernon McDonald, PhD
General Manager, Wyle
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"Gary is a superb scientist, engineer and teacher, but above all, he possesses a rare talent to bring scientists and nonscientists together to understand and resolve complex and troubling problems. He is particularly adept in collaborative problem solving and its application in virtually any setting. Time and again in Wexford, I witnessed Gary assemble and guide collaborative teams of extremely technical people who normally wouldn’t work together. I treasured his ability to translate science to practice and to inform applied science from the day-to-day realities of practice."

Hank Kinnison, US Army COL (R)
Former President, Wexford Group
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"Gary has valuable and unique insights that enable application of scientific principles and engineering fundamentals to the challenges of organizations and physical systems... Part of his innovation focuses on developing and maintaining the necessary personal relationships required to implement solutions. These relationships are essential to achieve continual improvement and adaptability for change in social and technical systems."

Bill McDonough, PE
Founder, McDonough Consulting
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"I had the pleasure of being involved in research that Gary initiated at NASA Johnson Space Center to investigate innovative methods to optimize astronaut efficiency during Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs - i.e. 'spacewalks')... Gary collaborates to discover creative solutions to enhance human health and performance. He possesses a vast and intimate knowledge that he graciously shares while also welcoming your input and perspective, resulting in everyone's benefit." 

Casey Pruett
Managing Director, Wyle GmbH
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