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Harnessing Ecosystems of Translational Medicine:
Enterprise Architecture for Expeditionary Communities

Gary Edward Riccio, Ph.D. & Winston Patrick Kuo, DMSc

What are the connections between 21st century translational science and the transformational enterprises of 17th century Netherlands [1] or 15th century Venice [2]? The zeitgeist they share is expeditionary community that combines science, technology, and business to accelerate human initiative. In these earlier golden ages, entrepreneurs crossed boundaries with abandon. They did so to make connections with people whose resources and skills complemented their own. They forged improbably diverse communities that were necessary to survive on their journeys to new worlds and to thrive at their destinations. They existed within ecosystems, not industry verticals. They required funding as we do today but funding did not exist for most of their activities. The process was chaotic yet bounded. Individual initiative and self-interest were balanced by inescapable interdependence and formal systems for co-existence.

While there is much that leaders in government and industry can do to create structures and incentives for collaborative innovation, markers of success will be in the details of particular projects and systems and in the trust relationships that form among the participants. Innovation will occur in the intentional communities that coalesce around a shared intensity of purpose. Super connectors will play an important role in such communities by providing access to diversity, opportunities for legitimate peripheral participation, boundary objects that facilitate communication and coordination, and leadership in balancing initiative with accountability. These leaders will erase boundaries between business and science and, in doing so, they will expand the boundaries of the scientific community.

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A metaphor for Task organized teamwork and collective flow
(Photo courtesy of Melinda Merino)


Socio-technical Enterprise architecture for translational medicine



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