A Functional Visual Assessment Test for Human Health Maintenance and Countermeasures

Riccio, G.E., & McDonald, P.V, & Bloomberg, J.J. (1999). Multimodal perception and multicriterion control of nested systems: III. A functional visual assessment test for human health maintenance and countermeasures. NASA/TP-1999 3703. Houston, TX: Johnson Space Center.

This third volume in the series on Perception and Control of Nested Systems applies our theoretical framework to the problem of eye-head-trunk coordination during walking or running. A method is presented for evaluating visual resolution and gaze stability during common activities involving whole-body motion. The functional visual assessment test (FVAT) that is described provides a measure of visual “acuity” that is sensitive to coordination between the oculomotor subsystems and other biomechanical subsystems of the body. This approach enhances diagnostic sensitivity to a variety of physiological impairments, and it enhances diagnostic relevance with respect to operational or every-day activities.

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