Coordination of Postural Control and Vehicular Control

Riccio, G.E., & McDonald, P.V. (1997). Multimodal perception and multicriterion control of nested systems:  I. Coordination of postural control and vehicular control. NASA/TP-1998-3703. Houston, TX: Johnson Space Center.

This first volume in the series on Perception and Control of Nested Systems describes the theoretical and operational foundations for our analysis of human-environment interactions. It focuses on the coupled biological control systems involved in piloting an air vehicle and in stabilizing perception and movement in the cockpit, and it emphasizes that the analysis is not limited to vehicular control.

The analysis is presented in a way that is generalized to all forms of locomotion and to other activities that involve whole-body perturbations. In addition, the report motivates and facilitates comparisons between conditions of real and simulated vehicular motion. This provides a framework for assessing human perception and performance in real-world conditions, in controlled conditions that allow for more refined measurement and evaluation, and in simulations that are intended to foster the development of skill.

The meta-theory also provides a unique basis for research and development that de-fragments thought leadership in flight simulation.

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