Multimodal Perception and Simulation of Self Motion

Riccio, G. E. (1995).  Coordination of postural control and vehicular control: Implications for multimodal perception and simulation. In Hancock, P., Flach, J. Caird, J. and Vicente, K. (Eds.)  Local applications of the ecological approach to human-machine systems (pp. 122 - 181).  Hillsdale, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum.

The purpose of this chapter is to reveal the aspects of perception and action that are essential for simulating self motion in a virtual environment. It is assumed that a goal of the associated technology is to provide for compelling experiences of presence in virtual environments. The potential manifestations and applications of this emerging technology are sufficiently diverse that general discussions are difficult. Consequently, this chapter focuses on research that is relevant to flight simulation.

While the discussion is couched in the particulars of flight simulation, it is emphasized that the design principles and strategies are not limited to flight simulation. To promote generality, self motion in real and virtual environments is discussed from the perspectives of ecological psychology and control theory. The centrality of these complementary perspectives is due to the fact that they have generated a significant body of theoretical and empirical research in which the interaction between a human and an environment and the linkage between perception and action are fundamental.

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