Transdisciplinary Research Relevant to Flight Simulation

Riccio, G. (1993). Multimodal perception and multicriterion control of nested systems: Self motion in real and virtual environments. (UIUC-BI—HPP-93-02). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Technology.

This summary of relevant research is taken from reports produced for the U.S. Air Force and NASA during the 1990s as part of a multi-institutional and trans-disciplinary program of research to understand perception and control of motion that involves consequential changes in the velocity vector. Some of the references are esoteric because the intent was to develop a framework that could apply across different types of vehicles and modes of conveyance. Most of the references, however, are directly relevant to high-performance flight (i.e., involving significant changes in the gravito-inertial force vector). The framework depicted at the end of this appendix reveals a taxonomy of relatively neglected categories of research that are essential to understand human perception and control of high-performance flight. The references below are organized by the categories in this taxonomy. While the bibliography doesn’t include research after 1995, the framework and associated taxonomy continues to be useful in expediting discovery of specific scientific research needed for expeditious problems solving in pilot training, design and evaluation of flight systems and subsystems, as well as in design and evaluation of simulator systems.

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