Grounded Theory for Values Based Training and Education


Notional framework of human needs and context to guide development of scientific assessments of an integrated community centered, learner centered, and knowledge centered learning environment consistent with the principles and practices of outcomes-based training and education.

Riccio, G. (2010). Grounded Theory for Values-Based Training & Education. In: Riccio, G., Diedrich, F., & Cortes, M. (Eds.). An Initiative in Outcomes-Based Training and Education: Implications for an Integrated Approach to Values-Based Requirements (Chapter 4). Fort Meade, MD: U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group.  [Cover art by represents word frequency in text.]

This chapter describes the initial identification of scientific foundations for OBTE guided by the primacy given to observable interactions with the physical and social surroundings and on the meaning they have for an individual. The three pillars and connecting lines of research begin to establish a balance among the lines of scholarship that address behavior and those that address conscious experience.  They correspond roughly to the three simultaneous modes of existence in existential psychology: (a) reciprocal relationships with the surroundings dominated by natural law, (b) reciprocal interpersonal relationships that are directly perceivable, (c) and transcendent meaning. These categories help us identify how to observe or measure engagements that matter in learning and development.

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Three pillars of a strong theoretical and empirical foundation for continuing development of outcomes-based training and education. Links in the superstructure (triangle) represent other important lines of research that can help make connections among the pillars that heretofore have evolved independently of each other.


Gary Riccio

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