About diaβlogues (dβ)

The various archipelagos in ISLETS are networks of people at a variety of locations where programs of leadership, education, and training are being developed and implemented. Each archipelago is defined and organized loosely around a common approach or intent (e.g., Outcomes-Based Training and Education). Through true dialogue, and the reciprocal influence that it makes possible, participants at different locations within the same archipelago provide each other with visibility and opportunities for influence in their respective programs.

In ISLETS, diverse distributed groups are connected through multiple platforms for communication that are integrated through the social and semantic web. We use the term diaβlogue to refer to such web-based dialogue (as opposed to web-based logging of one’s own ephemeral opinions) that is grounded in real-world actions it both influences and reflects.

A diaβlogue removes walls between insiders and outsiders, it tends to eliminate the distance between presence and remoteness, and it blurs the distinction between first-hand and second-hand experience insofar as it provides all networked participants with inescapable accountability for the impact of their conjectures and conclusions about each others’ situations.

The ISLETS diaβlogue will address emerging best practices in using multiple communication platforms to create a distributed and decentralized collaboratory. Best practices will be discussed in the context of systematic and coordinated development of particular programs of leadership, education, and training with respect to specific and generic goals (i.e., “continuous beta” in service system development).


Gary Riccio

As a partner and as a consultant, I deliver value by identifying, aggregating, and developing previously undervalued assets--people and systems, internal and external, public and private, scientific and technical--for exceptional impact.