It's the Leadership, [person I care about]

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key point: how small actions lead to big outcomes

As Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes point out in Credibility, "The entire economic system is based on trust; it is not based on the price-earnings ratio or income statements or many other rational concept we talk about. It's based on whether we believe in the numbers and the people who are supplying them."...

We know that becoming a leader is the start of something, not its culmination. We need leaders who champion ideas, who create things, who fuel cultures of innovation so we can all contribute our biggest and best selves. We need leaders working with us to create, inspire, and show us strength of character in these times.

Leadership is not an occasional task. It's a way of being. Leadership is not a job or a title, but the set of micro actions we take every day. They add up...


Gary Riccio

As a partner and as a consultant, I deliver value by identifying, aggregating, and developing previously undervalued assets--people and systems, internal and external, public and private, scientific and technical--for exceptional impact.