A Different Kind of Sports Star in Business

Extracted 26OCT2011 from http://www.lane4performance.com/Sports-Stars-in-Business.htm

Adrian Moorhouse is interviewed by Darcy Lambton for Sports Stars in Business (Reuters TV)

[The discussion of personal transformation is the most interesting part of this interview. The key is to reflect on the arduous work and social support system that got one to the top of one's [prior] field, honestly confront oneself with one's own readiness to accept such a commitment again, and perhaps most importantly consider whether one can leave behind, even if only temporarily, the ego and adulation that attended a prior manifestation of mastery. The biggest challenge to high performers when facing transformation is to recall that pursuit of mastery had been their strength, not the public image that grew up around such mastery once achieved. Without this, high performers can fall prey to inauthentic transformation that merely attempts to transfer their public image to some other domain without any hope of true impact on that domain. With self confrontation, however, an opportunity for re-commitment to a different kind of arduous work becomes available, a new social support system is suggested, and mastery of a new domain comes within reach.]



Gary Riccio

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