Global Student Science & Technology Outlook

Extracted 14DEC2011 from

From the Executive Summary:

How many kids are interested in pursing a career in STEM?

  • Just about half are. The least interest in in Japan.
  • The highest interest is in India and Mexico, with about 2/3rd claiming so.

When do kids decide to pursue a career in STEM?

  • Usually by middle/secondary school, especially in the UK and Russia.
  • College plays an important role among Indian kids.

Will STEM make them rich or change the world or both?

  • Kids in India have the highest expectations of getting rich if they purse a career in STEM .
  • Kids in Russia have the least.
  • Mexican and Japanese kids feel more strongly that they could change the world.
  • American kids are the most optimistic, with nearly half saying they could do BOTH.




Gary Riccio

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