Second Season: Preview

Gary and Nathan follow their first season of Science in the Wild with a second season of exploration in which most episodes will be recorded outside the studio.

As an introduction to the new show, Gary and Nathan discuss their intent for a more open conversation between scientists and non-scientists. They preview planned topics of conversation such as the Internet of Things (IoT); data privacy; learning how to control remote systems and conditions we weren't able to control in the past; the convergence of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies, evidenced-based decision-making in business and sport ("Moneyball"), and the democratization of science.

In this episode, Gary and Nathan spend most of their time talking about analytics in business in the context of the democratization of science. They discuss how analytics in business is the beginning of a much more profound convergence of science and business. At the early stages, business is struggling to understand science as a conversation between theory (e.g., subject matter expertise) and data (collection and analysis) in a community over time. Gary and Nathan discuss both the excitement and the fears about a more diverse scientific community that includes non-scientists and the impact it can have in the world outside the laboratory.

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