Selection of 3PLs

From "Selecting A Third Party Logistics (3PL)" Provider 

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...After the bids have been received by a company from the prospective 3PL’s, an evaluation would take place where a multi-discipline team will review each bid based on a pre-defined set of criteria. These will include some of the following.

  • Does the 3PL provide the services required?
  • Does the 3PL have the technology required to perform the tasks required?
  • Does the company have the required warehouse space, dock capacity, warehouse personnel, etc.?
  • Is the 3PL financially sound?
  • Are the 3PL’s geographical locations suitable to cover the network?
  • Does the 3PL have the flexibility to respond to changes?
  • Are the 3PL’s environmental policies compatible?
  • Are the costs of the services detailed enough for comparison to other bids?
  • Are the customer references acceptable?
  • Is the 3PL a good cultural fit?

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