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Create your own live streaming IPTV project with our help! The use of IP technology to deliver video to the PC and to other devices is growing rapidly; especially the branches delivering ethnic content to customers living abroad and not in their native countries. No matter which TV content your company is interested in: TV content from European countries (Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, France) or the content from Asian, American, African continents and from Australia – World Stream Telecommunication will find a solution for you. New technologies presented by our company offer the opportunity of providing your customers with high quality ethnic content which enables them to watch an enormous amount of programs in their mother tongue - no matter where they currently live - due to IPTV.

Break down the technology barriers in delivering the ethnic content to the screens of your customers with us! World Stream Telecommunication provides you with modern way of delivering the international online TV entertainment for different ethnic groups living abroad. It's called IPTV. It is one of the most promising new opportunities for providers willing to deliver ethnic content to the customers all over the world. IPTV offers viewers the freedom to pause a television show in one room and resume watching it in another. That's possible with IPTV distribution. Viewers can fast forward, rewind, and record while accessing global channels, personal media channels, electronic program guides, and more. It delivers television-on-demand with multiple picture-in-picture features as well as cutting-edge functions enabling viewers to record their favorite shows from wherever they are in the world.