Five Imperatives for Success in Emerging Markets

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With a patchy recovery and new investment landscape, companies emerging from the downturn face the dilemma of how to prioritise their investments as they plan for the next phase of growth. Over the next five years, it’s expected that emerging markets will take on even greater prominence, accounting for 62 percent of global growth. Tomorrow’s global industry leaders will increasingly be determined by their success in emerging markets. Those companies that are quick to re-evaluate the size of the opportunity in emerging markets and organise themselves to seize it will be best placed to compete globally.
This report uncovers five imperatives that will be essential to succeed in this new era of competition:
1. Look beneath the headline numbers.
2. Understand the shifting S-curve.
3. Uncover cross-country segments.
4. Use data as a differentiator.
5. Compete on risk.