Lloyds Register Develops New Ice Fatigue Tool

Extracted 26JUL2011 from http://www.handyshippingguide.com/shipping-news/lloyds-register-develops-new-...

In response to anticipated demand for ships for use in the Arctic region in the near future, Lloyd's Register has given ship owners and shipping lines a new tool to help assess designs and reduce the risk of fatigue damage in the hull structures of ice-strengthened vessels.

The development of new procedures under the notation, ShipRight FDA ICE, comes as changes in the exploitation of natural resources, the climate, world trade and marine infrastructure are increasing marine activity in cold-climate areas, with Lloyd’s stating that greater trade through the Arctic is driving demand for larger ice-class vessels, particularly oil tankers and LNG carriers.

With the Arctic estimated to hold about 20% of the world’s remaining recoverable hydrocarbon reserves greater exploration and transportation is expected off the coasts of Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Russia. In addition to hydrocarbons, large quantities of minerals may need to be shipped from the Arctic to ports in Europe and Asia.