Focused Strategy for Entry into Emerging Markets

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There are many compelling reasons to consider entering one or more of the fast-growing emerging markets. However, new entrants need to develop a focused strategy to do so successfully.

Accenture takes an in-depth look at the key considerations needed to craft a successful entry into these markets. [See link above for free download of pdf]


Background... Emerging market multinationals are themselves powerhouses of innovation when it comes to developing new products for these markets—and are beginning to compete strongly in developed markets as well. Western companies would do well to establish a “listening post” in the markets where these new contenders operate.

Analysis... How will emerging market activities fit into your global business model? Because emerging markets typically require different approaches, processes and governance policies compared to more developed markets, organizations usually cannot simply replicate a standard operating model within an emerging market or across multiple ones. Each new market therefore has the potential to add significant amounts of complexity to a company’s global operating model.