$400 MIllion Rail Facility in New Mexico

Extracted 12AUG2011 from http://www.3plnews.com/rail-freight/union-pacific-railroad-begins-constructio...

Joined by New Mexico governor Susana Martinez, Union Pacific celebrated the initial preparation work for the 2,200 acre site. The company plans to invest $400 million toward the total cost of a project that is expected to add $500 million to the New Mexico economy. The rail facility site is located just west of the Santa Teresa Airport and will include fueling facilities, crew change buildings, locomotive inspection tracks, an intermodal ramp and a switching yard.

...giving southern New Mexico an inland port that will serve as a strategic focal point for goods movement.

...According to the Association of American Railroads, America's largest railroads keep pace with the top nine states in terms of highway spending, and they do it with private, not taxpayer, money. In 2010, capital spending by Class I railroads totaled $9.8 billion, and the industry plans to make $12 billion in capital spending during 2011. All told, freight rail companies have invested $480 billion to maintain and modernize the national rail network since 1980.

...Union Pacific connects with Canada's rail systems and is the only railroad serving all six major gateways to Mexico




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