The Power of Crowd and Place

Extracted 27AUG2011 from

A Conversation with Jeff Kirchick from SCVNGR  by Chris Syme

SCVNGR is a mobile game about going places, doing challenges, earning points, and unlocking rewards. You can play via SMS (text-message), or on our free apps for iPhone & Android.

SCVNGR exists in two major ways: as a casual game, and as a themed experience. In the casual game, you can go anywhere in the world and complete challenges or check-ins to earn points and rewards as part of an everyday, social, mobile experience with your friends.

You could also take part in a SCVNGR trek – some type of themed experience that guides you to a set of places where you have to complete specific challenges as part of the game...

If a business is large enough, it might consider some type of campaign across all of its locations, where it builds challenges and rewards at these locations and then markets the game aggressively to its consumers as something different, fun, and exciting to do during their next visit.