Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value

Extracted 14SEP2011 from http://hbr.org/product/higher-ambition-how-great-leaders-create-economic-/an/...

Organizations must choose between people and profits, right? Wrong, argue the authors of Higher Ambition. In fact, as global competition stiffens and enterprises face increasing public scrutiny, successful leaders must win on all fronts-with their people, their customers, their communities, and their shareholders.

Higher Ambition takes you inside the minds of some of the most successful and insightful leaders of our time, the CEOs from companies as diverse as Standard Chartered Bank, Infosys, Nokia, Cummins, Ikea, Tata, and Campbell's Soup. The authors reveal how these leaders from around the world are converging on a new management paradigm that unlocks the energy and potential of their people to deliver superior economic and social value.

The book identifies the specific leadership goals that are essential for achieving sustainable value across all constituencies, including how to: (1) Find a winning approach for both people and profits, (2) Forge a successful strategic identity, (3) Build a shared commitment to excel, (4) Create a global community that embraces diversity, (5) Energize leadership at all levels. With powerful stories, timely advice, and cogent insights, Higher Ambition is poised to become a management classic in the tradition of In Search of Excellence and Built to Last.