OECD on Insurance

Extracted 27SEP2011 from www.oecd.org/daf/insurance

OECD work on insurance focuses on the liberalisation of insurance markets, private pensions, private health insurance, governance, financial education, financial management of catastrophes including terrorism risks , monitoring of the insurance market and its regulatory framework, dissemination of statistical data and co-operation with non-OECD economies.

What's new

  • Risk awareness, capital markets and catastrophic risks (29-Aug-2011)
  • Financial Market Trends (29-Aug-2011)
  • Revised OECD Guidelines on Insurer Governance (27-May-2011)
  • Good practices for mitigating and financing catastrophic risks (01-Mar-2011)
  • Revised OECD Guidelines on Insurer Governance (27-May-2011)
  • Insurance sector and the financial crisis (01-Apr-2011)