Open Source in Business Process Outsourcing

Extracted 15DEC2011 from

In the last 5 years global enterprises have been experimenting with open source and kept an open mind to using it. Now, the open source software market has reached a turning point, with enterprises committing to clear strategies, policies and migrate mission-critical software to open source and open source software development. As the global enterprises and cloud providers continue to prove, the benefits of using Open Source software go well beyond cost-cutting. Due to among others the big reliance of web applications on Open Source, there is an increasing demand for open source solutions based on quality, reliability and speed, not just cost savings. Quality is overtaking cost as a primary adoption driver. This trend will develop as Open Source continues to evolve and address even more business critical functions...

Open Source has historically focused on commoditizing proprietary software, but the consumerization trend is moving so quickly that some of the newest technology solutions are Open Source from the start. With corporations more frequently turning to Open Source instead of traditional vendors, it has begun to out-innovate the traditional IT mega-vendors. It has evolved into an exceptional way to deliver high quality solutions that boost productivity and foster innovation.