Internet Trends (Mary Meeker)

Extracted 20OCT2011 from

At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, Meeker returned to talk about internet trends...

[Interesting data on trends in emerging markets relative to the U.S... expecially with respect to Globality and Mobile]

  1. Globality (surprises such as Nigeria and Iran in internet usage) ***
  2. Mobile (special time with respect to smart phones... big global up side) ***
  3. User Interface (speech recognition, movement, sound, Bluetooth)
  4. eCommerce (mobile taking off, comparison shopping)
  5. Advertising  (social networking taking off)
  6. Content Creation (changed forever)
  7. Technology/Mobile Leadership (e.g., unprecedented pace of change in Silicon Valley)
  8. Empowerment (mega-trend due to mobile connectivity, international co-dependence) ***
  9. Authentic Identity (lots of issues emerging, no place to hide, up side and down side)
  10. Economic Uncertainty (consumer confidence, corporate capital expeditures, stock market)
  11. USA (see