Kiip Mobile Rewards Network

Extracted 01MAR2012 from

Kiip is about to kick off a big effort to get more game developers to use its mobile rewards network. The company is announcing a new $100,000 independent developer fund to get companies to use Kiip’s rewards in their games.

With Kiip, a user of a mobile game will see some kind of real-world reward, like a Starbucks coupon, whenever they hit a milestone in a game such as getting to a high level. Brian Wong, chief executive and co-founder of the company, said that the point is to capture the moment when a user is happy and to hit them with a positive brand message at that time. To date, more than half a billion moments have been observed in the network and the company is serving four rewards per second in the U.S.

In addition to the indie fund, Kiip is opening its rewards network to any developer to instantly begin rewarding their players with a self-serve program. By making its system self-serve, Kiip can now get an unlimited number of mobile game developers in its fold. Those developers will be able to see improvements in the form of better user acquisition, engagement and monetization.