NPR Explores Videogames and Violence

Extracte 19FEB2013 from “Both Zlock and Sugarman, along with the dozen or so people around the office TV, say violence doesn't have to be a part of a good game, but sometimes it makes the game better. Iowa State University professor Douglas Gentile, who studies the effects of violent video games on children, says… ‘when you know you're safe, having that really heightened sense of stress can be fun’… Or as Zach Saale of iStrategyLabs puts it: ‘It just feels, like, awesome.’ The palpable, frenetic energy that fills the room suggests that Saale's opponents are feeling pretty awesome, too.”...


“Violence provides thrills that we're hard-wired to enjoy, and video games offer an immersive experience that we're hard-wired to crave, says Gentile. He says there's an A, B and C of human motivations, and video games hit all three…”

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