Acquiring New Customers in the Multi-Polar World

Extracted 25AUG2011 from

From a combination of primary and secondary research, including a survey of business leaders from 375 companies, representing nearly all industries and 53 developed and emerging markets, our research found that high-performance businesses are guided by three central maxims when harnessing the multi-polar world:

  • Create geographic options
  • Be authentically local
  • Network the organization

In an era of rapid globalization, extreme volatility and heightened risk, maintaining a strong customer focus is essential to achieving high performance: to withstand short-term pressures while laying the groundwork for growth in the upturn.

The organizations likely to achieve high performance during this current period of extreme change and volatility will be those that invest now in understanding the changing global customer base; that are willing to experiment with and master new routes to reaching new customers; and that focus going forward on fostering trust-based relationships to the same degree they have focused, historically, on managing customer transactions efficiently.