Logistics as a People Business

Extracted 25AUG2011 from http://www.ifw-net.com/freightpubs/ifw/article.htm?artid=20017898972&src=rss

The challenge of meeting target delivery times, while precisely following varied global rules and regulations, requires creativity, true talent and adaptability.  Serving as ambassadors to their companies and countries, these individuals come together as a United Nations of sorts... customers can count on integrity in times of turmoil... logistics is commonly seen as a branch of engineering that creates "people systems" rather than "machine systems."  Logistics IS a people business... In the world of logistics, "Collaboration," "Partnerships" and "Networking" are not just buzz words.  They are essential tools these people take very seriously to get the job done.  



Gary Riccio

As a partner and as a consultant, I deliver value by identifying, aggregating, and developing previously undervalued assets--people and systems, internal and external, public and private, scientific and technical--for exceptional impact.