Cargo Partners Start e freight Academy

Extracted 09SEP2011 from

The Academy is an innovative web-based learning tool that has been created and is being further developed by STOAS, one of the Netherlands’ foremost e-learning organisations to spread knowledge about eFreight throughout the Dutch air cargo community. Access to the Academy simply requires a PC with internet connection, sound and Flash player installed. All visitors must register to obtain a login code, in line with Dutch law.

The Academy content currently includes instructional videos on its use, and two learning modules (First steps in electronic messaging, and eFreight: what it is). There is also an online forum where users can start discussion threads, post questions and ideas, and receive comments and feedback from eFreight experts and other members of the community. The Academy’s content will be progressively expanded...

Schiphol is becoming a bit of a centre for innovative on line products, last month we covered the launch of Smartgate – the Game, an interactive learning game for wannabe freight forwarders and the brainchild of Schiphol Cargo, Air Cargo Netherlands and Dutch Customs