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Statistical Meta Analysis Services

The basic point of Meta analysis is to offer the same procedural thoroughness to a review that we require from experimental research...

Meta analysis offers a chance for shared subjectivity in evaluations, rather than true objectivity. Authors of Meta analyses sometimes ought to make decisions based on their own ruling, such as when describing the margins of the analysis or settling on exactly how to code moderator variables.

Meta Analysis Methodology

•    Identify conjectural relationship of interest
•    Collate the population of studies that offer data on the relationships
•    Code the studies and calculate effect sizes
•    Observe the distribution of effect sizes
•    Investigate the effects of moderating variables
•    Report the results

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[Please note that subjectivity is consistent with procedural thoroughness to the extent that one can describe externally verifiable assumptions and contextual observables that help explain one's personal perspective. Shared subjectivity requires "boundary objects" that fix common understanding in the reality of phenomena that, in principle, can be observed by people with different perspectives. This is one of the most important elements (unique and essential features) of experimental research.]